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midwest inspired shoot by alea lovely

As I was looking for florists in the Kansas City area, I stumbled across some beautiful wedding photography by Alea Lovely. She recently collaborated with other talented KC vendors, including a lovely florist, to create a midwest-inspired photo shoot that’s right up my alley. And guess what? It’s all on film – that’s right, no digital camera. So beautiful. More goodness after the jump. Continue Reading →

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d*s comes to dallas

Today’s the big day – for Dallas, anyway! Design*Sponge and the lovely Grace Bonney will be at our very own West Elm at Mockingbird Station this evening for the Dallas leg of the book tour. Sadly, the craft workshop is sold out, but all are welcome for the book signing starting at 7pm. So will you be attending this evening, or when D*S comes to your town?

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interview with sarah of “12 months of creativity”

I would consider myself a creative person who loves being in the middle of a good art project. However, since starting my 9-5 I find that by the end of the day my creative energy is zapped and my inspiration sadly lacking. So when I came across Sarah Treanor’s 12 Months of Creativity blog, I was blown away. A fellow graphic designer by day and yet another one of my extremely talented UNT classmates, Sarah has taken on a yearlong challenge to be, well, creative. Totally impressed {and just a little intimidated} by her ambitious project, I was eager to hear how she’s able to make constant creativity an enjoyable – and doable – reality. Continue Reading →

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interview with kristin & chelsea delzell

top photo by Kristin Delzell, bottom photo by Chelsea Delzell

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of starting The By & By has been the opportunity to reconnect with {and feature} some of our extremely talented friends. A fellow former UNT classmate, I’ve been following Kristin’s work since she moved to San Francisco a few years back to pursue photography, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered younger sister Chelsea had decided to follow in Kristin’s creative footsteps. Curious to see how the sisters’ styles and artistic perspectives would differ, I reached out to them to do our first double interview. Not only did they agree, they even offered to do a special “summer” photography feature for the post! Continue Reading →

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the science of being awesome

I came across artist Arian Behzadi’s fabulous work the other day and was knocked on my butt by it’s sheer awesomeness. *swoon!* Totally and completely in love with everything about his work – minimal, collage driven, mod/retro images {Audrey Hepburn, anyone??}, abstract use of paint – 100% my cup of tea. Just. Too. Good.

Since I was seriously design crushing, I took a brief break from drooling all over my keyboard to read the artist’s profile, and what do I discover? Arian Behzadi is a Biological Sciences major!! Say what?? I couldn’t have been more surprised if he had said he was a part time trapeze artist. The science major/design Continue Reading →

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bride-to-be bliss by kelsey foster

Loving this bridal film by talented photographer and the By & By friend, Kelsey Foster. Every bride should be captured in natural light, a wind blown veil and sheer, dress-twirling bliss. And if she’s as crafty as this bride, personal touches like her handmade hair band are so lovely. After studying many a bridal portrait, I’ve determined perfection is genuineness caught just right on camera. Not to mention, the Freelance Whales song is pretty sweet, too.

Read more about Kelsey and her work in our interview, on her website and on her blog.

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love in a sea of negative space

I’ve come across Max Wanger’s amazing wedding photography on 100 Layer Cake before, but when I stumbled back across his work via ffffound! the other day I decided to take a closer look and made my way over to his site. All I can say is that I wish I had looked him up sooner! {And that I may or may not have spent the majority of my time since all but stalking his website and blog…}

While I’m totally and completely in love with his work, my absolute favorite shots are the ones where he plays with negative space. There is something so Continue Reading →

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interview with dana tanamachi

The By & By from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months {or in a fallout shelter… in Iowa} chances are you’ve been lucky enough to come across the stunningly beautiful work of New York based designer/rock star chalk artist, Dana Tanamachi. Honestly, it’s hard not to have, considering she’s been featured on pretty much every blog and web forum known to man. Which is why when she agreed to do an interview with us we were SUPER excited!! {Of course, it probably didn’t hurt our odds that Dana happens to be Sara’s friend and former design classmate…}

Since we know from experience just how easy it is as graphic designers to find ourselves constantly computer-bound, we both deem work done by hand as hugely inspirational, and love hearing what draws others to get “back to basics.” Dana’s chalk installations are a perfect example, and we were thrilled to get the opportunity to ask her a few questions and hear more on her artistic outlook. {The fact that she kindly offered to do a custom time-lapse video for us? Well, that was pretty thrilling, too.} Continue Reading →

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our house is a very very very fine house

With Sara moving into a new apartment with her beau, and Ash and me planning a wedding, 2011 has started with quite the momentum. While the to-do list continues to build for the both of us, {is it too late to resolve to take more me-time?} it’s hard to remember to pause and enjoy these very moments. Late one night, as I was looking for wedding photographers, {deemed high priority, wedding venue or not} I became enamored with these photos by Dallas-based lifestyle and wedding photographer, Lauren LarsenNewlyweds: Our First House is a series featuring a real couple, a totally charming home and some very beautiful moments. Continue Reading →

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a decadent collection by sarah nelsen

Wednesdays are deserving of some motivational eye candy, and we are so excited to share something especially rich: A Decadent Collection by graphic and fashion designer, Sarah Nelsen. This June she debuted her collection at the West 18th Street Fashion Show in Kansas City, where she was one of 18 regional and international designers selected for the runway. She recently released her lookbook comprised of these stunning photographs by Samantha Levi. Left completely inspired, we had to ask Sarah a few questions about how she manages to do it all. Read more about Sarah and get acquainted with her collection after the jump. Continue Reading →

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