real life / our wedding invitations


Images by Steven Michael Photography

Several weeks ago, I promised you more photos of my wedding. That hasn’t happened yet, {I’m sorry! I still plan on it!} For the time being, you can see a few photos featured on 100 Layer Cake {Yay!!!}. On their post, there were a few comments/questions about our wedding invitations and paper materials I designed, so I’d thought I’d take a minute to give a few more details about them here. Continue Reading →

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room to grow / simplified seed starting

SimplifiedSeedStarting1I know it still seems like the dead of winter, at least here in Kansas City, but it’s time to start planning your gardens people! Every year I like to compose my garden of a mixture of seeds I’ve started on my own and plants from nurseries. I typically grow herbs from seeds because you can find a lot more interesting varieties in seed format and it would be really expensive if I bought every type of herb I wanted for my garden from the nursery.  I use the herbs fresh for cooking, drying for later use and I grow a couple things my cats are nuts about just for fun. It’s something I look forward to every year.

My first year seed starting, I was really overwhelmed by the varying information on how to start. I ended up getting a kit with a seedling tray, soil pellets and seed packets. I found the instructions that came with the kit to be overwhelming and way too detailed. An internet search did not yield much better results (this was pre-Pinterest, which may have something to offer us now). I have since, after reading and combining many different methods in trial and error filled attempts, established a method that has worked well for me. The rewards are always worth it and watching plants emerge from seeds remains just as exciting as an adult as it was in first grade.

Here’s my method for starting from seed and what you need (note: the supplies are cheap, cheap, cheap and you can get them at Home Depot or Lowes) if you want to tackle seed starting on your own: Continue Reading →

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here / there / everywhere // 03.1.13 – 03.03.13


Architect Truett Roberts, Photography by Brandon Stewart

My husband and I are knee deep in house hunting, which means I’ve acquired a new obsession for curb appeal and functional floor plans. Seriously, I’ll spend an evening repinning open concept kitchens. Or a couple hours flagging pages in my Domino archives. Or an early Saturday morning glued to my couch for an HGTV marathon.

Yes, I have issues.

So, it’s no better timing that the 2nd Annual Dallas Modern Home Tour is this Saturday. We’re talking expertly planned and executed modern homes. Like right out of a magazine. A girl can dream right? And, it’s okay to linger because it’s self-guided and you can hang around and meet the architects, builders and designers behind these modern gems. Make sure you buy your tickets online today for $30! Read more details here.

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curating / pancakes that please



I find most people are either a breakfast person or they are NOT a breakfast person. I, most certainly, am a breakfast person. I grew up eating pancakes on Saturday morning and to this day they still make me feel a little happier about life. Here are some of my favorite pancakes floating around Pinterest, selfishly including my own orange pancakes. Enjoy!

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curating / fresh floral

curating-fresh-floralsBlossoms for spring = no new concept. However, a modern floral mosaic backsplash = amazing. Dripping floral oil painting = very fresh! Floral carpet runner = unexpected, no? These fresh finds have me eagerly anticipating the return of florals, even if that means appreciating them in their natural form.

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curating / muffin pan recipes

I have a newfound appreciation for the muffin pan. When my neighbor gave me her recipe for muffin pan lasagna {perfectly portioned, and totally freezable}, I was amazed. This led me on a hunt for other recipes via Pinterest, and I discovered that there’s really nothing the muffin pan can’t bake. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

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around town / the perot museum / dallas

I pass by Dallas’ new Perot Museum everyday on my way to work. It’s hard to ignore, so Ash and I finally toured it last weekend. And while it’s definitely geared towards kiddos and kids at heart {we fit right in}, we did learn a few things. Newsflash circa 2006: Pluto is no longer classified as a planet. {Where have I been?} I also learned that I must start a rock collection immediately! {The Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall is a must see}.

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collective efforts / peachy keen

I feel like I’ve neglected the color peach for far too long. Maybe it’s because there were lots of pastel sweatpants in my wardrobe circa 1989. But, I’ve learned that peach doesn’t have to be wrong. It’s very right.

{And looks at its best with richer colors.}

Print / Purse / Top / Rose

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curating / copper

What Rachel’s currently collecting on Pinterest…

01. Copper Bicycle {A girl can dream, right?} / 02. Super conductive mugs / 03. Love notes that last forever {Valentine’s gift, done.}/ 04. Copper pendants {get into my life!} / 05. Copper Shears

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without an apron / healthy breakfast tacos

While Sara opted to shorten her list of New Year’s resolutions this year, I eagerly picked up a pen and paper and wrote 10 of them down. My life in 2012 mostly consisted of late nights at the office and late nights at the bar. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic year, but this combination resulted in 10 pounds, excessive eating out and little sleep. I’ve spent the past three weeks with a cold that turned into a sinus infection and decided it was time to make some conscious healthy living decisions. I’m excited to share all those cauliflower pizzalentil soup and gluten free dishes I’ve been pinning over the past year, but first, an easy to assemble healthy breakfast with a little avocado thrown in to make it feel less like winter.

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