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What girl doesn’t love shiny metallics? I am obsessing over gold leaf as of late, and have discovered there are several products available that make it easy to add some sheen to just about any surface in need of a pick me up.

After contemplating what to faux finish – a porcelain vase, a lamp base or a candle holder – I  came across some blank notecards and envelopes in my desk drawer and decided they would make a great test subject.

I made a stop at the craft store, perused the faux finishing aisle and picked up a one-step gold leaf metallic paint called Liquid Leaf. No adhesives required. No messy gold leaf foil sheets to handle. Plus, the paint comes in several metal finishes. I picked up a little jar of gold along with a disposable brush, and went to town on some 4×6″ ivory card stock.

A few tips I picked up through some trial and error: 1} Try a couple of different brush sizes for making different patterns. And 2} Don’t worry about making perfect strokes and symmetrical patterns – the hand-painted nature of this project is what makes gold leaf look contemporary and more importantly, it’s what makes this project fun!

Be forewarned, the paint is a little smelly – make sure you have some fresh air while working!

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